Congratulations on the official release of YZMCMS V5.1

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YzmCMS is a lightweight open source content management system based on PHP+Mysql architecture by Yuan Zhimeng alone. YzmCMS is simple, practical and open source. It can run on various platforms such as Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Solaris and other platforms, focusing on the solution for the rapid construction of company enterprises and personal stationmaster stations.

It can let you do not need any professional technology to easily build the site you need, easy to operate, easy to handle, quick and convenient operation of the background to allow you to set up your own love station in 10 minutes. In the comparison of similar products, YzmCMS also highlights the features of compact size, powerful function, simple source code, system security and so on. Whether you are a business website, a news website, a personal blog, a portal, an industry website, an electronic business city and so on, it can be fully qualified, and it also provides a very convenient two time. Hair system, is a full - energy type of building system!

System characteristics:

Concise source code

Because YzmCMS is developed by one person, so the system all source code style is unified, source code is very clean, no redundant code!

Develop flexibly

YzmCMS system is developed with MVC framework, which increases the maintainability and extensibility of the program, and uses modular development design to make the two development simple and easy.

Open Source

The YzmCMS system is the 100% open source PHP program, which ensures that the code of the system is more robust and safer.


YzmCMS system maintains the powerful function premise, the overall compression package is less than 5MB, compared with similar CMS at least doubled, is you can quickly understand and study it!

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